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Sheron Petrie ~ Fine Art ~ Gallery

Azusa, CA


Originally from Jamaica, I immigrated to the U.S.A. at an early age. Even as a child, I was intensely drawn to anything that lent itself to creative expression. Therefore, my attraction to art seemed only natural. I can best describe my artistic education as “self taught” or better yet “God given”. When it comes to art, scenes in nature with its movement, colors, and patterns fascinate me the most. However, drawing the human face is my favorite followed by fruits, flowers, and animals. The media I most enjoy working with are acrylic, water color, pencil, and chalk. In 1982, as a junior in high school, I was chosen to submit an art piece that would hang in the White House for a full year. I chose to draw a picture of a little girl with a pouty face titled “Sadly Dressed in Sunday’s Best”. I sold my first art piece that same year for fewer than thirty dollars to a classmate who “commissioned” a portrait of her mother. How little I knew of how to price my work or the value of an original piece of art.
Times have changed as have my approach to art. My childhood obsession with color exactness and fine detailing has dissipated giving way to a more eclectic style. My present body of work is titled “Up Close and Personal” and features four collections. The Wild Side Collection allows one to get up close and personal to animals such as the tiger, zebra, and panther. One can also savor any fruit, vegetable or other food themed delight in The Taste and See Collection. The B & W Collection is an exciting compilation of various subjects dressed in brown, blue, or black, and classic white. Not to be overlooked is The Rose of Sheron Collection in which one can almost smell the wonderful aroma drifting from this collection of floral paintings.
I am currently looking to establish an online presence in order to deliver my artwork to a wider audience.

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Hibiscus White and Red by Sheron Petrie


Hibiscus White and Yellow by Sheron Petrie


Charles by Sheron Petrie


Sun Flower by Sheron Petrie


White Poppy by Sheron Petrie


Pink Rose by Sheron Petrie


Orange Rose by Sheron Petrie


Magnificent Magnolia -1 by Sheron Petrie


Magnificent Magnolia - 2 by Sheron Petrie


Tropical Trio by Sheron Petrie


Lone Apple by Sheron Petrie


Red Onion by Sheron Petrie


Celery and Carrot together by Sheron Petrie


Through The Grape Vine by Sheron Petrie


OOPS Broken Egg by Sheron Petrie


Banana And Company by Sheron Petrie


Because Of Love by Sheron Petrie


Remember Me by Sheron Petrie


Black Beauty 2 by Sheron Petrie


Black Beauty 1 by Sheron Petrie


Jahsha 1989 by Sheron Petrie


Eye of A Tiger by Sheron Petrie


Zebra Zone - Color on White by Sheron Petrie


Giraffes Coat by Sheron Petrie


Shall We Dance by Sheron Petrie